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Did you lock yourself out?

Lost your key? We provide effective entry to all types of vehicles using the latest non-destructive techniques, even if no key is available. No damage, no broken windows and no drilled locks.

Spare keys

We can supply cut and program spare keys. Spare keys ensure you are never without a key for your vehicle should you suffer loss or theft of your keys.

Broken key

Fact... keys break in locks! Where possible we will take out the broken key without damaging the lock In difficult situations we can remove the lock and strip it down to remove the obstruction We can then make a new key when required.

Lost keys

This is our specialty... Replacing keys when all keys are lost, with a minimum of hassle and 90% of the time in one visit. No costly Main Dealer repair bills or garage delays.

Key codes

We have specialist tools to open and de-code the locksto obtain a key number so we can produce a new key.

Why Keys for Cars Zeeland?

We are trained in the latest techniques and work with the most modern equipment. Vehicles equipped with the so-called Key Less Entry system can be so secured to increase their security and make them far more difficult to steal. Our Auto Locksmith worked for many years with the English police before specialising in car keys, so you can count on having a reliable partner.

How can we help you?

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