So, you need a new key…

So, you need a new key…

There are four main ways a transponder key can be produced that will start your vehicle

  • Clone an existing working key
  • Program a new transponder key via OBD
  • Read the EEPROM Data from the Immobiliser and write a transponder
  • If none of these options work, then you would be looking at replacing ECU and Immobiliser components on the vehicle

As Specialist Auto Locksmiths we carry out the work required in options 1-3

Option 4 would be carried out at the garage, usually a Main Agent

Let’s look at the three options we can carry out in detail……

Clone an Existing Working Key

If you have a key to your car or van, that starts the vehicle, then it may be able to be cloned. Not all transponders can be cloned.

When a key is cloned, an ‘identical twin’ is created that the car recognises, and the car can be started with both keys.

Cloning is fast and there is no need for codes for the key number or immobiliser.

The drawback is that any lost or stolen keys are not deleted from the vehicle’s memory and could still start the vehicle.

Security could possibly be compromised.

The cloned transponder can be a simple key or sometimes there is the option to create a full remote plip key

Programming a new Transponder Key

On most modern vehicles it is possible to program a new transponder key via the onboard diagnostic port (OBD)

We have sophisticated and dedicated key programming machines that enable us to do this type of work for 90% of the vehicles on our roads

When programming, a transponder is coded into the memory of the vehicle’s immobiliser and any stolen or lost keys can usually be deleted

For many brands we make the keys from scratch and where this is not possible we can use genuine and aftermarket keys.

We carry large stocks of keys on our vehicle and can cut the keys at the roadside.

When all keys have been lost then we can open any vehicle without causing damage and often work out the key codes from the lock.

We can also read many of the secret immobiliser pin codes direct from the vehicle.

When this cannot be done, we have a service that we can apply for the security information, every now and again we will need the customer to supply this information.

Programming keys maintains the vehicle’s security to a high level.

Reading the EEPROM of the Immobiliser

Some manufacturers use a ‘Master Key System’ mainly Fiat, Honda and Toyota Lexus

When all keys have been lost and there is no longer a master key available, it is not possible to program a key to these systems and the dealer would simply replace the components of the immobiliser and fit a complete new system.

In the case of Toyota Lexus, it can cost as must as €1000-2000+ to get a new key that starts the vehicle.

Also, when there is a fault on the vehicle preventing normal programming via OBD, then EEPROM reading and writing may provide an effective solution. With our extensive range of equipment and knowledge in this field, we can read the data and generate new keys that start the vehicle without needing to replace the systems. (*When a key is produced from data in the EEPROM then the keys are created using existing data so lost or stolen keys may still start the car.)